Brian Burkey

Burkey Design Co.

Brian was born in Macon, raised in Juliette, GA and lived that dirt road, river swimming life as a kid. He decided that he wanted to leave the small town life, so he joined the Army in 2001. His job in the Army was classified as a Signal Support Specialist. He just tells people he was the guy running around with a radio.

Brian spent most of his time in Colorado. He was on a rapid deployment schedule with the 4th infantry brigade. It was hard work at times, but he loved being with his buddies. It really was like Band of Brothers. But, it started to take its toll on him. Brian ended up retiring early, as a Staff Sergeant.

Instead of pursuing a government job, Brian decided to go the “artsy” route. He’d taken some design classes while he was recovering from knee surgery in the Army, and he really liked it. He had always been a creative person, so he thought graphic design was a good fit. He went to art school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Brian has worked as a full time designer since, having worked on many design projects…big and small. From Bragg Jam to The Big House Museum.